Firenetís Domain Services Terms & Conditions

This document describes the rights and obligations of Firenet and the Customer in connection with Firenet's registration or renewal of domain names for the Customer.

This service is provided by Firenet Ltd and the Brand Firenet Speedwire and Firenet Anytime are property of Firenet Ltd.

These Conduct Rules have been created to promote the integrity, security, reliability and privacy of Firenetís systems and networks and form part of the legally binding Terms and Conditions which govern the use of Firenetís systems, services and equipment by you. These Conduct Rules also identify the actions that Firenet considers to be intrinsically abusive, and thus, strictly prohibited.

Firenet Ltd and the Brand Firenet reserve the right to change any part of these terms and conditions with or without prior notification in response to the ever-changing information technology environment. We will however within all reasonable purposes try to keep you informed of any changes on these terms either by your account email or by the website as a public information service.

By using our services, you agree to be bound by all Firenet terms and conditions.

In event of it being necessary to change the terms and conditions on our website, you will be considered to have accepted the changes if any of the following conditions apply: 7 days have passed from the date that the new terms and conditions were posted. We, by any reasonable means, try to keep you informed of any changes on these terms either by your account email or by the website as a public information service. If you have logged on to the service and continue to do so.

If you do not agree to the new terms and conditions, you are perfectly within your rights to cancel the said service with Firenet Internet providing you are still within 7 days of the changes initially being posted.

Domain Name Registration

Upon Customer's request and subject to these Terms, Firenet will register an Internet domain name, or renew the Customer's registration of an existing domain name, on behalf of Customer. Under the consumer protection (Distance Selling) regulations 2000, you may have the right to a 7 day 'Cooling Off Period' within which you can cancel this agreement. However, you acknowledge that you wish to be able to connect to the service, as soon as is reasonably possible and once connected you waive any such right to the 7 day 'Cooling Off Period' and your ability to cancel this agreement during that period.
All domain services are based on a two year contract.

Customer Responsibilities

Important: Registrant Verification

Due to changes included in ICANNís 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement, the domain owner contact information for a domain name must be validated if:
- the domain has recently been registered
- the domain has recently been transferred
- the owner contact name or email address has been modified
- a WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) notice sent to the owner email address bounces back to the registrar
- a 30 day or 5 day expiration notice to the owner email address bounces back to the registrar

If you receive an email requesting that the Registered Name Holder validate their new contact information, you must follow the validation instructions, otherwise the domain name will be suspended after a period of 15 days from the original request, and any website, email or other services linked to the domain name will stop operating.

If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of any such request, please contact us immediately and we will be able to confirm if it is valid.
Please note that we cannot process the request on your behalf. It will be your responsibility to complete the process on time.

Firenetís registration or renewal of any domain name is subject to:
(i) Firenet receiving from Customer all information needed from Customer in order to complete such registration,
(ii) such domain name not being in violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation or the policies of the applicable Registrar or registry, and
(iii) Customerís compliance with these Terms. Registration of a domain name is subject to availability of such domain name for registration, and Firenet will not be responsible if a domain name is not available for any reason. Firenet will also not be responsible for any infringement of third-party rights caused by its registration of a domain name for Customer. Customer waives any claims it may have against Firenet for, and hereby releases Firenet of and from, any loss, damage, liability or expense arising out of, or relating to, the registration of such domain name in any online or offline network directories, membership lists or registration lists, or the release of the domain name from such directories or lists following the termination of services by Firenet for any reason. Customers registering a domain name with Firenet, but hosting with another host provider, will not use Firenet name-servers to point their domain names outside of Firenet IP space. Customer will update its domain name zone files with its chosen host providers. Firenet will not point Customer zone file records to sub-directories within Customerís main domain name.
You must keep login details, such as your FTP username and password, secret. Failure to do this will lead to access being suspended.
If you are aware of any event that is likely to result in a significant increase in service usage, you should notify Firenet at least one month in advance to allow us time to make any necessary preparations, and to avoid your service being taken offline while we investigate the situation as a fault. Failure to notify us of an event that adversely affects the Firenet network or other Firenet customers may result in service suspension. A £40 + VAT charge may be levied to reactivate the service, at Firenet's discretion. Any additional work or repairs required to return the service to normal operation will be charged at our standard rates.

ICANN and Other Authority
Customer acknowledges that its rights to any domain name registered or renewed by Firenet are not being granted by Firenet but are subject to the rules and regulations of ICANN, the Registrar, the registry and applicable law. Customerís inability to use a domain name shall not entitle Customer to a refund by Firenet of any fees paid with respect to the registration of such unusable domain name. The domain name for the Customer Web site shall be the property of Customer.

Domain Name Renewals

If Customer requests Firenet to renew for multiple years a prior registration of Customer for a domain name, Customer represents and warranties that all information it provides to Firenet in connection with such request will be true and correct. Firenetís sole responsibility in connection with any such request will be to process the renewal using the renewal mechanism provided by the Registrar. Firenet will have no responsibility or liability for any loss, interruption in service, service error or loss of data caused by the Registrar.

Changing Registrars

Firenet does not generally perform domain name services that require the domain name change registrars. However, if Firenet, in its sole discretion accepts an Order from Customer for domain name services that requires that the domain name change registrars, the Customer must acknowledge that it is solely responsible for complying with the acknowledgement policies of the losing registrar. Such acknowledgement policies may require the Customer to respond to an e-mail sent to the e-mail address for the Administrative Contact of the domain name, as reflected in the WHOIS database of the losing registrar. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that neither Firenet nor the gaining Registrar will bear any liability or responsibility for any delay, inconvenience or expiration of domain name registration that occurs as a consequence of the Customerís failure to respond timely to any losing registrar query or request for confirmation.

Renewal and Expiration

The Customer agrees that Firenet bears no responsibility or obligation to notify Customer of any impending domain name expiration dates and that the Customer is wholly responsible for such deadlines. Although Firenet may accept Orders for domain name renewals within the forty-five-day (45) day period prior to the impending expiration date of a domain name, Firenet will have no responsibility for any expiration of a domain name that occurs with respect to any Order submitted to Firenet within such period. Any charges due to the registrar for the registration or renewal, including renewal of a domain name that has been placed into a Redemption Grace Period by the Registrar, change of Whois data and unsuspension of any domain name will be payable by the Customer. Renewal of a domain name that is in the registrar's Redemption Grace Period is normally chargeable at £100 + VAT.

Non Payment

If domain name and or domain services are not paid for and leads to hosting services being suspended, there we will be a re-activation fee of £10.

Firenet reserve the right to withdraw all domain services should payment not be made in reasonable time. Domains services withdrawn for non payment remain the property of Firenet Internet and a non payment notice may be placed on the services until such time as the outstanding monies are paid in full.

Firenet will send out payment reminder notification emails for domain service renewals, however we cannot guarantee receipt of these emails by the customer and it remains the customer's full responsibility to ensure all renewal payments are made in reasonable time to ensure continuity of service.

Firenet accept no responsibility for penalty charges charged to the customer by their bank for any payment processed or attempted by Firenet. The customer should ensure that the payment details they have submitted for their order are valid, up to date, and that funds are available when payment is due.

Cancellation of Services

If Customer requests cancellation of any Domain Service within the two year minimum term, all payments due for the service for the full duration of the two year contractual term will be due. Firenet reserve the right to refuse to cancel the contract within the two year term until all charges are paid in full.

If Customer requests cancellation of Domain Services at any time after the minimum term is complete, Firenet may remove any Website, DNS entries and Email accounts from Firenet's servers at any time, at Firenet's sole discretion, and without notification to the Customer. No annual renewal fees taken for services will be refunded, in whole or in part, for cancellations processed at any time during that year.

Other Terms and Conditions

Payment disputes must be brought to the attention of Firenet before any action can be taken. Any payment outstanding on an account will be passed to our debt recovery team, who will seek a resolution by whatever means necessary.
All fees are fully earned when due and non-refundable when paid.
Firenet are not responsible for any loss of earnings of the Customer due to unavailability of any service at any time or for any reason.
Firenet do not accept any expense incurred for loss of business or from third parties, encountered from said domain name or services hosted.Firenet do not accept any responsibility for loss of business due to downtime caused by network or server downtime as a result of service changes or faults.
Should Firenet discover that an email address is being used, either intentionally or due to Virus activity, for the purpose of sending Spam or unsolicited bulk email, Firenet reserve the right to remove access to any email address until Firenet deem that the problem has been resolved. Firenet may contact the Customer to notify them of the problem and assist the Customer in resolving the problem.
If the customer holds registration or name server control, or has these registered with another company, Firenet accept no responsibility for issues caused by changes performed to Firenet's network infrastructure or servers.
Any hosting features not explicitly mentioned may or may not be provided with the service. Requests for features may or may not be accepted, and Firenet may withdraw extra features for any reason and without notification.
Contractual disputes may result in service suspension, at Firenet's sole discretion.

In the event a payment is charged back or recalled by your credit/debit card provider, a fee of £15.00 (per transaction charged back) which is imposed by our merchant provider, will be passed on to the relevant customer.


Backups of website pages, databases or any other files uploaded to Firenet's web servers, and also backups of email messages are not provided as part of the domain services. Firenet advise that customers make their own backups in case of server failure.

Under Construction Page

Customer agrees that upon registration of a domain name with Firenet, if such domain name is
(a) hosted on an Firenet domain name server and
(b) does not otherwise resolve to an active Web site, such domain name will be pointed to a page as designated by Firenet in its sole discretion.

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